Walkthrough Video Tours: How and When to Use Them

Sellers are asking for them!
Our fast-paced society continues augmenting in-person experiences with convenient and accessible online alternatives, and home buying is no exception. If you want to captivate online home shoppers, you need to create an immersive experience that goes beyond beautiful photos. Here’s how you can give potential buyers the ability to walk through a property via an informative and engaging VIDEO TOUR.

What’s Included in A Video Tour?
High-definition Video Tours enable potential buyers to view a home vicariously through the camera and make them feel like they’re right there standing inside the home. A video tour consists of a walkthrough of each room of the property and includes a combination of voiceover narration and graphic titles to provide extra context about each space. The result is a completely immersive experience.
Video tours can also be further enhanced with the addition of drone shots, which provide a wide variety of aerial views of the property and neighbourhood, giving the buyer crucial context about the home’s location and the nearby area.

Benefits of A Video Tour
Video tours offer countless advantages for both real estate agents and their clients. First and foremost, a video tour is available to view 24/7, regardless of the property’s location or the schedule of you, the seller, or the potential buyer. What’s more, video tours allow buyers to view properties from the comfort of their living room. So, as an agent, your marketing efforts will be working for you around the clock. Here’s a look at some of the other key benefits.

Stand Out As An Agent
When you use video tours along with high-quality photos, you’re going the extra mile to help both sellers and buyers move the process along. Video tours communicate to the seller how you overcome location and scheduling constraints. Plus, this feature is yet another way to attract and hold the attention of potential buyers, making it possible to expand your client base with ease.

Open House every day!
A video tour allows buyers to meander through a house at their own pace, examining each room  in detail. Overall, a video tour is a great alternative or addition to an open house, especially  for long-distance viewers, during cold months or for remote homes.

Qualify Clients
Video tours will save hours of your time discussing with clients who ultimately are “just looking” or decide that the home you’re trying to sell doesn’t fit their needs. By making video tours available to buyers, you’ll help narrow down your leads to the most interested and qualified people.

Provide Context
Video tours are able to exhibit all the unique features that can’t be summed up in a listing. It provides an overview of the surrounding areas and neighborhood as well as property- specific information. When used along with high-quality photos and floor plans, video tours will often answer questions before potential buyers contact you.

Drive More Traffic
Yet another benefit of video tours is the potential to drive more traffic to your website. According to National Association of Realtors (NAR), “more than 7 in 10 agents find…videos…more important since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.” Plus, these videos are easily integrated on social media platforms – making it possible for you to reuse content to attract more clients.

When Is A Video Tour Worth Investing In?
The internet-driven society of today requires you to make the most of that first impression and — more and more often — that first impression is taking place online. Video tours could be the modern advantage that you need to stand out by offering unique value that
potential buyers and sellers can truly appreciate. If you’re looking for a professional team to record video tours of your properties, Reeledge Productions can help. Our team will take your listings to the next level with high-quality photographs, video walkthroughs, and drone footage that will make any potential buyer feel at home in your latest listing.  Contact us today!