Tips to Prepare Your Home to Sell

Preparation Tips…

Homebuyers notice homes online first so it is important to make a good first impression with professional photography. Make your listings stand out! Promote your sale in the best light possible by planning ahead of time for professional photography.

Inside the Home

  • De-clutter as much as possible. Put away toys, clothing, dishes, towels, shoes etc.
  • Depersonalize. Put away family photos.
  • Remove seasonal decorations and calendars that would date your listing photos.
  • Dust and vacuum
  • Make all the beds, fluff pillows and check bed skirts.
  • Keep bedding simple and solid colours if possible.
  • Empty dresser and nightstand surfaces.
  • Clean the kitchen sink and put away all dishes.
  • Clear the kitchen counter tops completely including small appliances.
  • Remove all magnets, decorations, photos from the refrigerator.
  • Vases of fresh flowers are a great touch for dining table and/or kitchen counter.
  • Straighten all chairs and space them evenly
  • Remove child seats/booster chairs
  • Clear all bathroom counter tops and put away personal items.
  • Remove all shampoos, conditioners, etc. from the shower if a glass shower door.
  • Put out guest towels and hide all the others.
  • Hide all trash cans and bathroom cleaning brushes.
  • Put all toilet seats and lids down.
  • Remove floor mats.
  • Hide all pet food/water bowls, pet beds and pet toys.
  • Replace all burned out light bulbs.

Outside the Home

  • Trim the lawn, rake leaves, shovel snow from driveway, decks, etc.
  • Clean up after any animal
  • Put away garbage cans, blueboxes, hoses, toys, bikes, garden tools, etc.
  • Hide yard decorations and seasonal decorations
  • For pool/hot tub – put away covers, uncover and clean
  • Open umbrellas on patio sets
  • Uncover BBQ when in season
  • Consider adding splashes of bright coloured flower pots to the landscape

What to expect…

The professional photographer will take great photos to promote your home for sale and has scheduled 45 minutes for each home. To efficiently maintain a high level of service and a busy schedule the home needs to be ready! The homeowners can step out or be on opposite floors as the photographer as photos are being taken. The photographer will not move or re-arrange furniture,  clean, declutter, move personal items, make beds, pick up  toys etc. Items need to be removed they will not be‘ photoshopped’.

Right before the Photographer Arrives

  • Turn on ALL interior lights and lamps (even lights in furniture cabinets)
  • Turn off ceiling fans
  • Light/turn on fireplaces
  • Open all blinds, shades, curtains
  • Clear vehicles, blue boxes, garbage cans etc. from the driveway and the street in front of the home
  • Secure animals in a safe location away from rooms being photographed