Realtor Branding with Professional Photography

Top 4 reasons to use Professional Photography for Listing photos.

The internet has changed our world in so many areas and buying homes or property is no exception. In this hustle bustle world we live in, people opt to use the internet whenever possible because of its convenience. Whether using a smartphone in a waiting room, on break at work, or a laptop in the comforts of home, the internet is now considered the go-to source for initially gathering information on just about anything, including property searches. 

With so many homebuyers going online for their initial home search, it is extremely important that realtors take advantage of that initial few seconds to grab the attention of potential clients through striking photos, videos, social media marketing, and even virtual walk-throughs. Further, for those individuals who still appreciate or prefer printed information, a professional photographer is able to capture the unique characteristics of a property and provide high-resolution photos that are great for postcards, high quality brochures, and flyers.

Below are a few reasons as to why investing in professional photography to help sell your listed properties will pay off.

#1 Stand Out Online: The National Association of Realtors routinely provides data on the most recent trends of property sales and based on their published data, in 2018, 44% researched properties online before reaching out to a realtor. This digital age that we live in offers the perfect opportunity for realtors, like you, to leverage yourself against the online competition. 

#2 Use Listing Photos to Build Your Brand: Impress potential homebuyers with your online listings by adding a personal touch to those professional property photos. Use it as a virtual business card to position yourself as an expert in the field and help put your name at the forefront of their minds. According to statistics potential homebuyers review eleven properties prior to contacting a realtor or physically touring a property, which can give you the opportunity for lots of visibility.

#3 Professional vs Point & Shoot: The well-known adage, “a picture is worth a thousand words,” has withstood the test of time. Photos can capture one’s attention in so many ways ranging from capturing breath-taking beauty to evoking a heartfelt memory or exemplifying the uniqueness of a property for sale. All too often homeowners and realtors alike fail to realize the impact of an exceptional photo. Certainly smartphones have made picture taking much easier and economical, but when an online post serves as your business card, the do-it-yourself photos do not compare to what a professional photographer can capture. From the lighting and angle to the detailed quality and expert ability to communicate specific traits that you want to convey, nothing can compare to a qualified specialist. 

#4 Professional Photography Attracts More Buyers: Recent statistics revealed that listings using professional photography sold for more money, ranging from $1000 to $100,000. The quality, high-resolution photos provide the viewer with the ability to see the finer details that include architectural textures to countertop details. For the long-distance investor or a family on a tight timeline, having the option to experience a property virtually can substantially increase the speed and price of a sale. Additionally, because we are naturally drawn to visual aspects, listings that feature top quality photos are more apt to sell for higher prices. 

At Reeledge Productions, we are committed to helping you make the most of your photography investment. We work one on one with Real Estate Agents to capture the characteristics of a property that you deem important. We provide still photos as well as video tours and will be happy to assist you with your photography needs whether you are focusing on ramping up your online reputation or prefer to create postcards, brochures, and flyers; contact us today to schedule an appointment 705-562-5240.