Photographer/Client Relations

Embark on a visual and strategic journey with Felicia, a seasoned Photographer and Client Relations professional with over 25 years of invaluable experience in management and sales. A dedicated mother of two grown daughters, Felicia has mastered the delicate balance between work and life, infusing her career with a commitment to excellence, one of our core values.

Felicia’s extensive background encompasses 25+ years in Management and Sales, showcasing a proven track record of successful leadership and client engagement. She spent 7 years as an Editor/Photographer and Publisher of three publications, adding a unique editorial dimension to her creative pursuits. Furthermore, Felicia has honed her skills over 8 years as a social retailer and online business owner, all while managing a thriving local small business.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Felicia’s passion extends to the great outdoors, where she can be found on a ball field, volleyball court, or out on her boat fishing. Her love for cooking and spending time in nature reflects a well-rounded individual with a zest for life. Wait until you meet her! 

Join Felicia as she navigates the realm of photography and client relations, where every frame is not just a visual masterpiece but a testament to decades of expertise and editorial finesse that truly sets her apart.  You will enjoy some laughs while you work with Felicia!