How a FEATURE WEBSITE Can Benefit Your Listing

As a Real Estate Agent, you know getting your listings seen is only part of being successful and, while marketing those properties online is sure to reach a larger audience, there is also more competition. 

By offering Feature Websites to clients selling property, not only will they appreciate the focused service you’re providing, but potential buyers will have an abundance of information on a single property, rather than being bombarded with similar competitor listings and ads. 

Using this latest technology to your advantage, you’ll stay ahead of the game and have a competitive edge over the mainstream real estate platforms like and Zillow. 

What is a Feature Website?

Essentially a dedicated mini website designed to showcase the property features using images, 3D virtual tours, drone footage, aerial photography, video walkthroughs, and/or detailed floor plans with thumbnail photos. Other pertinent information can also be included, such as upcoming open house announcements, listing agent contact information, options to schedule a personal tour, and much more. 

Feature Websites take real estate listings to the next level, helping you attract more buyers, and impress sellers with advanced marketing and presentation skills across various platforms including social media.

When you implement Feature Websites into your marketing strategy, you’ll have the opportunity to capture leads, receive alerts from interested buyers, and give clients an exceptional value. Following are a few of the benefits derived from Feature Websites. 

Maintain the Buyer’s Attention

Obviously, once a potential buyer requests additional property information, your goal is to keep their focus on that specific listing. With a dedicated property website, you avoid distractions of competitor listings that may peak the buyer’s interest. This is crucial because as of 2020, a study conducted by a university in Denmark revealed that the average attention span is a mere 8 seconds due to information overload online. 

By utilizing a Feature Website not only will it maintain the buyer’s attention but the focused content can help put the seller’s mind at ease, especially when there is a hot market trend.

Control What the Buyer Sees

How often have you uploaded new listings to the MLS system only to discover that when viewed on syndicated sites, those high resolution photos were reduced with pixelated, small images void of detail? 

With a Feature Website, you have complete control on the quantity and quality of content. For instance, you can provide information about the surrounding area, amenities and local schools. Entice buyers by adding a detailed 3D virtual tour, floor plan with thumbnail photos by room, and relative criteria that will enable them to visualize the property as their own. 

Yet another advantage of a Feature Website is that it offers a user-friendly experience for the buyer, void of any hassles such as clicking on a wrong link or scrolling through countless listings. Likewise, you can incorporate a video teaser in your marketing plan that will take them directly to the dedicated website. 

Leverage Your Own Professionalism

Offering the convenience and quality presentation of a Feature Website to your clients will portray you as a model professional. Also, the services offered with this valuable marketing tool will validate with prospective sellers that you not only invest in their listing but go above and beyond the standard MLS submission protocols.  

Let’s not forget how the Feature Website benefits realtors like you as well in the following ways:

Increase your brand awareness
Stretch your sphere of influence

Give you the marketing tools needed to easily post to social media
Adjust your marketing strategies with the data analytics
Gain more visibility and improve SEO using the built-in tracking features
Grow your mailing list as you receive email inquiries

These are just a few benefits you and your clients will enjoy with the Feature Website offered as an add-on through Reeledge Productions. The end result gives you a professional and beautiful website that works seamlessly on desktops, tablets, and mobile phones. 

Imagine when your sellers view a website that specifically showcases their property! 

Choose from the many services provided by and customize the features based on your budget and the property being sold. Contact Reeledge Productions for the full lists of services and pricing and to check on scheduling a high-value property presentation!