FIRST IMPRESSION with Professional Photography = Digital ‘Curb Appeal’

Digital ‘Curb Appeal’

Property photos are an import tool used to grab the attention of potential buyers.  Today most homebuyers are conducting their initial property research on their computer or smartphone.  At their leisure, they hop online and browse available properties using customized filters for location, price point, square footage, etc. narrowing the results to best suit their needs.  They assess their interest in a listing based on what those first few images reveal about the property.  If their interest is peaked, they will dive into the entire portfolio (video tour, drone footage, 3D virtual tour with floor plan, photos and description information) of a single listing and if not, it will be skipped over for an in person viewing even though it could have been the perfect house.

Listing photos make the first and sometimes lasting impression.  In this fast-paced online world we live in, before even contacting an Agent, people are making decisions based on what they see for listing photos, the online presentation of the home.

Agents using professional photographs and digital marketing like video tours and 3D virtual tours will capture the attention of the new buyer searching online first.

For buyers, whether they are looking to move across town or cross-country, what they see online can make the difference between setting up a showing that may lead to the sale.  

Doing everything possible to ensure the listing speaks for itself and serves clients from the very beginning is important. If photographs are grainy, dark or obvious cell phone pictures, potential buyers may quickly lose interest. However, when listings portray the property in a series of high-quality photographs shot from angles that allow the viewer to visually tour the property, and imagine being there, they are more likely to reach out to an Agent to find out more.

According to statistics by the Center for Realtor Development, listings that provide high-quality photographs sell more than 32% faster and for higher prices than those without. Although we may live in a fast-paced DIY culture, amateur photos can hinder the sale of a home or leave money on the table. 

Beautiful photography and the digital marketing tools of videos and 3D virtual tours help sell properties faster and at higher prices while generating new leads.  Using professional photography in real estate is essential.