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Frequently asked questions.

What geographical area does Reeledge Productions cover?

Our services span throughout the Greater City of Sudbury, ON and we’re willing to travel within 2 hours outside of the immediate area including Manitoulin Island.

Are you licensed for commercial drone work?

All Drone Operators with Reeledge Productions are fully licensed under the Ministry of Transport Canada with the Advanced Pilot License. Due to safety protocols, there are small areas near the airports and heliports within the Greater Sudbury Area where drone operation is prohibited.

What is the difference between the 3D Virtual Tour and the Video Tour?

A video tour provides a walk-through motion video of a property that is simply observed as is. On the other hand, the 3D virtual tour allows you to virtually experience an area from floor to ceiling and corner to corner.

What is included with a Video Tour?

The walk-through video tour showcases the features of a home while displaying the connection and seamless flow of the interior layout, as well as highlighting special exterior attractions. The video tour can be narrated or embellished with music and graphic text. Much like a commercial, a video tour can effectively market the “wow” factor of a home or commercial space.

What is included with a 3D Virtual Tour?

The 3D virtual tour combines a dimensioned and interactive floor plan with a series of 360 photo scenes for the viewer to ‘tour’ the home at their own pace reviewing and revisiting specific areas of the home.  This is an interactive experience on the computer providing a realistic virtual showing of a house, making you feel as though you are experiencing the space firsthand.
This package is presented on a professional platform, branded or unbranded. Ideal for promoting residential and commercial real estate, along with retail and hospitality properties. The package includes 360-degree quality photos, interactive tour with integrated floor plans, and location map.

What does the Floor Plan service entail and how is it useful?

Reeledge maps out the layout of the home and determines measurements of each area. This saves the Agent valuable time onsite, and also enables the potential buyers to get a true sense of the design and flow of the home as they view the photos of each room online. The finished floor plans are sent to the Agent in both unbranded and branded formats, where they can be used on MLS and social media platforms.

What is a Feature Website?

A feature website is dedicated to a single property. It pulls together property photos, floor plans with measurements, video and/or drone tour, and a property description, creating a stunning marketing tool that promotes the Agent and the property. The Marketing kit that is included with a Feature Website provides a turnkey solution for Agents. Equipped with everything needed to showcase the property including a teaser video, social media branded posts, QR code, as well as branded and unbranded descriptions suitable for MLS platforms and countless others.

How would Virtual Staging benefit me?

​The proper staging of a home can help it sell faster and for a higher price. According to, “staged homes sell 88% faster and for 20% more than nonstaged homes.” Virtual Staging can provide the viewer with an idea of what the space may look like with furniture. This service involves Reeledge Productions taking photographs of the home, then with photo-editing software creates ‘virtually staged’ photos by digitally eliminating items such as mismatched furniture and décor and replacing items that will enhance features of the home.

What is a Virtual Twlight photo?

Evening photos of a home can be just as intriguing as daylight photos. However, the weather and timing doesn’t always allow for a second photo shoot. Using specialized software, we can edit a photo to show off the sunset and all

Who are these professional photo and video services for?

Whether you’re selling a property or need to market a home for sale, hotels, resorts, commercial properties, retail, residential developments, or Airbnb, Reeledge Productions provides services to individuals, Real Estate Agents, and businesses.

What can I do to prepare for a photo or video shoot?

Think of the photos or video being taken as a blank canvas meant to attract potential buyers. Have the home cleaned, decluttered, and staged as if for a showing. Remove knick-knacks, family photographs, and personal items, keeping décor very simple. Such items will only distract viewers from seeing the actual house.

How long will the photographer need for the photoshoot?

The amount of time needed at the home or commercial space is dependent upon the services requested. Generally, 1 hour will be ample time for a photo session and floor plan mapping. When additional services, such as video or 3D virtual tours are provided, plan for 2 hours.

When can I expect to receive the finished product(s)?

The standard turnaround time for Photos, Floor Plans, Virtual Staging, Virtual Twilights, and Feature Websites is 1-day. For Video and 3D Virtual Tours, expect a 2 to 3-day turnaround from the scheduled filming day.

What is your availability/scheduling like?

Our online scheduling process allows you to see available dates and book according to your schedule. Then, we contact you to arrange the specific time. There is typically ample availability, as we have 3 photographers/videographers on staff.

How long are video tours?

The length of a video tour largely depends on the size of a home and property, but most HD real estate videos are 1-2 minutes in length.

Where will the video tours be available online?

The video tours will be uploaded to YouTube and the client will receive a link via email, to post or embed on websites and social media platforms. Business clients with their own YouTube channel will be emailed the video file.

Do you take branding/headshot photos?

Yes Reeledge Productions will help you get noticed with appealing and high quality lifestyle photography.  Read our blog post about the importance of these.

Can you help with social media posts?

Yes, we have a few packages that create social media posts and Reels to keep your content fresh and relevant. Call for more information. 

Can I share the photos?

Photography copyright laws prohibit sharing the photos to buyers or sellers. With the ‘click’ of the camera Reeledge Productions owns the photo rights and licenses its use for the listing.  Buyers can contact Reeledge Productions to purchase the photos for their own use such as an air bnb or rental.  It’s much like an original piece of art and its prints that can be sold. ​“In Canada, copyrights are protected by the Copyright Act, c. C-42. Since November 7, 2012, the Canadian Act grants ownership of the copyright to professional freelance photographers for work created in the course of their employment.”  More information on this on our Copyright webpage.