Enhance Your Real Estate Listings with Virtual Twilight Images

One of the latest features in real estate photography is virtual twilight imaging, but how do
you get these alluring photos on your listing? Here’s a secret — You don’t have to schedule
a photography session during the day and another one in the evening. As your photography
experts, ReelEdge can help you get a variety of photos with the help of the latest tech-
forward tools.

By using daylight photos that we’ve already taken in a photo session, we can transform
exterior photos into new images that offer a dusk-lit warm ambiance that will showcase a
property’s beauty – all without the need for another photography session. Let’s explore
how virtual twilight images can impact your listings and get you better results!

What Is the Virtual Twilight Feature?
The virtual twilight feature involves the process of digitally changing the lighting of a photo
through the use of special tools and knowledge. There’s no denying the allure of natural
twilight when the sun is setting, and the sky’s fading light beautifully mingles with the
interior lights of a home, setting a perfect mood. However, capturing these shots can be
challenging because it requires good weather with few clouds in the sky, and the timeframe
is a mere half hour or so near sunset. That is why the virtual twilight feature is becoming so

How Virtual Twilight Photos Impact Your Listings
Virtual twilight photographs help positively impact your listings. This feature can make a
property more appealing to potential buyers by adding the warmth of an evening glow. It
can also make a home stand out from others in the area. This is especially useful in a
neighbourhood of similarly designed houses. Also, this technology replaces distracting
window reflections of street signs or parked cars with an attractive soft light.
Virtual Twilight photography can help showcase a property’s exterior lighting and
landscaping features, making it stand out from the competition. In one marketing
experiment, a property was showcased in two separate listings. One listing showcased a
daylight photo while the second used a virtual twilight photo. The twilight photo listing
generated more interest and received 3 times more clicks.

NAR reports that virtual twilight photos add charm to a property and positively impact real
estate listings. In addition, surveys indicate that when daylight photographs are enhanced
with this feature, homes that have been on the market for a while often attract new interest
and sell for more than their listing price.

In summary, twilight photos are visually stunning, capturing the sky in its full array of
colours during a short period of time. With the Virtual Twilight feature, a property’s visual
appeal can be increased without a special photo shoot.

If you’re interested in scheduling an appointment to discuss how virtual imaging features
can boost your listings, contact Reeledge Productions. In addition to virtual twilight
imagery, we offer 3D Interactive Virtual Tours with Floor Plans, walk-through Video Tours,
Drone footage, and aerial photography and Virtual Staging. Everything you need to
showcase your properties and build your brand!