There is no denying that online marketing has become increasingly popular, especially in recent years. Using VIRTUAL TOURS has enabled homebuyers to experience properties from the comfort of their own homes around the clock. This convenience factor means we are no longer restricted by distance or business hours, and realtors eliminate wasted hours with disinterested buyers. Additionally, statistics indicate that virtual tours often help properties sell faster for higher prices. Also, as of 2020, 5% of homes were purchased online, sight unseen. Experts predict this number will increase, especially among young adults between 18 and 34, since they prefer technology and virtual experiences.

Matterport Features
Reeledge Productions has been offering virtual tour services for quite some time. Now, with recent upgrades that include Matterport 3D technology, these simulated tours offer an enhanced visual experience, the advanced technology of Matterport provides dimensionally accurate 3D models. Not only do they offer the length and width of spaces, but provide height measurements as well. Check out the following

Interior View
Experience virtually touring the interior of a property while walking through the hallways, up the stairs, and into the various rooms. You’ll also have access to view spaces from various angles, exploring every nook and cranny, zooming in and out to see architectural details and textures. The measuring feature is yet another tool that can help you decide if the space will suit your personal needs.

Dollhouse View
Just as the name implies, the dollhouse view allows you to experience the property from a bird’s eye view, gaining perspective from every exterior angle. This feature also provides a traditional floorplan layout.

24-Hour Accessibility
By offering clients a virtual property tour, potential buyers have access to the property around the clock, regardless of time or distance constraints.

VR Integration
In addition to viewing properties on the computer, the Matterport 3D technology is capable of integrating with VR devices, taking the virtual tour to the next level of experience, giving the illusion of physically being there.

Virtual Tour Statistics

Real estate virtual tours offer potential buyers to tour a property anytime that suits their busy schedules, not to mention giving them the opportunity to check it out from anywhere around the world. This marketing technology has been integrated into everything from real estate firms and hotels to colleges and event venues. Here are a few statistics that convey the positive impact of virtual tours.

  • 80% of viewers’ state that the main photo of real estate listings are a major attractant, yet 89% prefer when photos and property details are combined with virtual tours.
  • 54% of home buyers won’t consider a property that doesn’t offer virtual tours.
  • Listings with virtual tours sell up to 31% faster and up to 9% higher price.
  • Virtual tours reduce wasted showings for realtors by as much as 40%.
  • 75% of customers make their decision based on virtual tours of properties.
  • Listings with virtual tours are visited 40% more than those using only photos                                                                                                                 

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