DIY Home Staging Tips

STAGING a home is creating an atmosphere that feels open and fresh in a way that is appealing to interested homebuyers. Successful staging will help a home show well, sell faster, and even increases resell value. 

According to research, properly staged homes sell for as much as 5% higher on average. There are professional stagers available, artwork and furniture can be rented however there are DIY ways to make your home look great preparing for listing photography and showings.

Below are a few budget friendly staging tips that you can do yourself!

Declutter and Detach

When potential homebuyers view photos of your property, you want them to take notice of the unique characteristics of your home and imagine the space as their own. Once you decide to sell your home, it’s time to think of it in a different light, more like a vacation home or hotel. This will enable the buyer to imagine filling the space with his or her own décor and furnishings.

When decluttering and purging items, take advantage of storage bins that can be stashed away in the garage or furnace room. By clearing the home of clutter and removing family keepsakes and photos, it will open up the space and buyers will recognize how meticulously you have cared for your home. 

Clean and Refresh Everything

Walking into a clean, bright space is inviting and warm, which is what you want homebuyers to experience when first visiting your home. Taking time to dust, mop, scrub, and vacuum will make everything look fabulous and smell fantastic from the moment someone walks through the front door, down to the moment they peek underneath the kitchen sink.

Another worthwhile task is taking the time to add a fresh coat of paint to the walls. A customized high-end luxurious look for less is to GO NEUTRAL. Choose from a wide selection of neutral colours including whites or light grays. Also by replacing the bedding, curtains, and towels with these subtle shades, it will create a clean slate of generic, yet cozy décor that will resonate with more potential buyers. 

Rearrange the Furniture

Use the furniture you have however much less! Assess a room from the entryway and focus on rearranging the furniture to create an open flow. Remove damaged items or invest in covers to give it a new look and simplify. Likewise, avoid using large pieces in small spaces, as this will make a room feel cramped and closed off. 

Replace Lighting and Fixtures

A light, bright home is inviting. As you’re sprucing up your home and readying it to put on the market, make sure you replace any burnt out bulbs inside and out. For darker rooms or corners, consider adding under counter lighting or lamps. Also consider replacing dated light fixtures and cabinet hardware. These small, budget-friendly updates are simple ways to create a new/high-end feel. 

The Final Touches

A few pieces of accent décor will add warmth to a space. For example, if you have pretty dinnerware a simple table setting can be a nice touch for final staging. Empty countertops are best, so limit it to 3 items or less for a crisp clean look. 

Finally, giving attention to the exterior shouldn’t be neglected either. Curb appeal is just as important and is often the first impression of a property. Clean the yard and hide away toys, garden hoses, as well as garbage and recycle bins. Add flowerpots and plants, steering clear of seasonal or holiday décor that will date the photos/listing.

Don’t stress, rather show off the home simply!

By making your home look as clean, fresh, and organized as possible, these changes will make a big impact on the presentation and sale of your home. 

Once the home is staged and ready to list, hire a professional photographer. Homes with high quality, professional photos sell up to 32% faster than others. Contact Reeledge Productions to schedule your photo session and have confidence that the unique characteristics of your home will be portrayed spectacularly.