BENEFITS to adding a FLOOR PLAN to Listings!

Marketing real estate online is all about providing detail that accurately paints a picture and captures the attention of the audience in a way that enables them to feel as though they are experiencing a property real-time. 

During this past year, in dealing with the pandemic, if it has taught us anything it has been to think outside of the box and become more creative in ways that help us get our message across. 

Adapting to Online Home Buying

For many years, potential buyers have begun shopping for a new home online, which is why so much attention has been placed on providing quality photos, detailed descriptions, and even virtual walkthroughs. However, by using wide angle photos and adding a floor plan, it offers yet another layer that can seamlessly tie all the details together and enhance the buyer’s experience.  

Interestingly, according to the National Associations of Realtors 2020 report, more than half of buyers consider floor plans very useful, and Zillow statistics indicate that floor plans are the “2nd most important feature on a listing and correlates with capturing potential leads.”

A study conducted by Rightmove indicated that:

1 in 10 buyers said they would never visit a property if they had not seen a floor plan first…

Many more indicated that they would be less likely to view [a home without a floor plan].

By incorporating floor plans — along with virtual tours and high resolution photos — into your marketing strategy, you’re creating a great lead generation tool that will give you leverage and engage more qualified buyers. You’ll also likely rank higher in search engines with this high-value content and increase your viewing audience on major online platforms like Zillow and

Why Include Floor Plans in Your Listings?

Floor plans and specific room dimensions are unique to each home and by using this as a tool in conjunction with wide angle photos and virtual tours, the buyer is able to determine if a property is suitable for their needs. 

Adding floor plans is like pressing in the final piece of the puzzle. They give the buyers as much information as possible to experience the property as their own, virtually walking through each room, mentally placing furniture and wall hangings, assessing the distance between the bedrooms and main living space. 

Allow Buyers to Qualify Properties on Their Own

By making a floor plan available in a listing, it proves to be a useful tool for the buyer before, during, and after an onsite tour. For instance, the potential buyer can use the information provided online to determine if the property is even a contender for his or her needs, which essentially saves time for the real estate agent, seller, and buyer. 

Empower Buyers to Start Visualizing

While quality photos of an available property provide a blank canvas for potential buyers, the bird’s-eye view of a floor plan offers a template to help the homebuyer do anything from buying new furniture to planning for renovations to personalize the space.

Boost “Buy-In” Among Interested Buyers

When a potential buyer is interested enough to schedule a tour, a printed floor plan can be a great place for note-taking, further increasing the “buy-in.” Also, let’s not forget that it’s often difficult to recall every detail after viewing a property, making the floor plan an ideal reference tool for a potential buyer to visualize their personal use or repurposing of a specific space. 

Incorporating Floor Plans into Your Marketing Strategy

With the floor plan feature we provide, you can customize it using your own professional branding and logo. The 2D monochrome floor plans are clearly detailed with room descriptions that even highlight kitchen, bathroom, and laundry fittings. There’s also the option to include specifics regarding exterior property amenities. 

All this is available in:

JPG (4000 x 3000px)
PNG (6000 x 4500px)
SVG file formats
A combined multipage PDF

Overall, attracting homebuyers online is more important today, than ever before. Potential buyers begin their search for that perfect home online. 

Whether those initial results are filtered by square footage, number of bedroom, location, or price range, the property details that you, the realtor provides will determine if that person will be interested enough to contact you for more information or move on to a different property. 

So why not make your listings stand out above the rest with the best media possible, including photos, video tours, and floor plans?  Reeledge Productions has been providing professional photography and videography for the Greater Sudbury market since 2011.  Give us a call.