AirBnB Photography


As travelers seek different ways to enjoy the places they visit, they are now frequently opting for short term rentals or Airbnb settings that will offer the opportunity for them to experience their destinations in a whole new way. 

These furnished rentals stand out from traditional hotels because they are equipped with the comforts and privacy of home in many ways; yet satisfy a certain atmosphere because of their location. When you make full use of great photography, your visitors will know what you have to offer; and, as an owner of one or more of these spaces, you’ll want to make a lasting first impression with your listing.

When you use professional photos and 3D virtual tours to showcase your short-term rental, viewers are able to see exactly what you have to offer. From viewers searching for a vacation “getaway” to individuals seeking to gain the perspective of a location as a resident. As shoppers consider their short-term options, having access to 3D virtual tours and quality shots will be a major tool for marketing your investment property. The angle of a photo can make a lasting first impression – or not. Keep in mind that when people are looking for this type of rental space, they have a checklist. 

An expert photographer will know how to capture the property in a way that will transform the listing so that it makes a positive impact on your guests. According to statistics, property listings with professional images not only make more money but they are vacant less often. 

People in search of an Airbnb or short-term rentals are sometimes hesitant if they question any aspect of the rental. Make it possible for potential guests to stroll through every room and immerse themselves as they check out property details with a 3D virtual tour. This experience will put their mind at ease and eliminate the fear of the unknown. And, if your property offers spectacular views or special amenities, your professional photographer will know exactly how to showcase it in a way that intrigues the viewer. 

Professional images and 3D tour features are the perfect way to promote rental spaces. You’ll have access to stunning photos that accentuate the unique property features and tell the fantastic story of your space. The imagery will make your listing stand out and give your website a high-end look.  

With so much technology at our fingertips, it becomes more challenging all the time to capture the attention of online visitors, but when you provide an incredible visual experience, they’ll not only spend more time browsing your website, they will remember you and appreciate the service you provide. What better ways to enhance a viewer’s experience, share property details, form a connection, and ultimately win them over as clients, than with high-end photographs?

In addition to making a lasting first impression, great photos with descriptive captions will reduce the number of questions your prospects will have, which will decrease the risk of them losing interest or moving on to another rental listing. When you provide the right visual content, there’s no option but to pique interest and increase viewership. Essentially, you are providing everything right at their fingertips, easily available to them whenever they choose, and taking full advantage of technology while portraying yourself in the most professional, elite way possible.

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