6 Tips to Make Homebuyers Love Your Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms of any house,  which is why you should do everything possible to make yours look great. The fact is that properly staged homes sell faster and quite often for a higher price. 

A top priority for homebuyers is finding a house with a functional, attractive, clean kitchen. While a kitchen with updated appliances is always a bonus, even more important is making sure the space flows well and offers plenty of storage and countertop space. 

Before listing your home, take some time to organize and declutter your kitchen, to make it feel larger, brighter, and efficiently designed. 

Check out the suggestions below to ensure your kitchen appeals to buyers!

#1 Depersonalize the Space

A key factor in properly staging the kitchen, and all other rooms, is creating an atmosphere that is welcoming and spacious. Be sure to remove extra dining room chairs or furniture that crowds a space. Likewise, remove seasonal décor, personal items such as photographs, trinkets, and artwork; opting instead for neutral colors and accents.

#2 Clear the Countertops and Other Surfaces

Countertops, windowsills, and island surfaces that are full of clutter can make a kitchen appear small and neglected. This will give the impression that there is a lack of proper storage space. Remove the TV as well as small appliances that can quickly make a kitchen look cluttered. The one exception is typically the coffee maker, since it is used daily. Also, find a proper home for the random piles of paper, art supplies, and so on.

#3 Clean the Cabinets and Drawers

Homebuyers will look inside cabinets and drawers; so don’t neglect these spaces. It takes less than 15 minutes to remove items from a single cabinet and wipe down the shelves. By setting aside small time blocks throughout the day or week, you’ll have the cabinets and drawers cleaned and organized in no time. Carefully assess the items before putting them back, leaving open spaces in drawers and cabinets to display all the extra space available. This is a prime time to begin tossing, giving away, or boxing excess cleaners, dinnerware, utensils, coffee mugs, etc.

#4 Organize the Pantry

Organizing the pantry will likely require more time because of the assortment of foods typically stored. It’s best to remove everything and when putting the food items back, categorize in groups. Investing in storage bins, baskets, and clear containers will be more visually pleasing and can make a small space look bigger.  

#5 Make It Sparkle

Cleaning the kitchen from top to bottom is a must. Take time to scour everything from polishing the fixtures, cleaning the appliances, scrubbing the sink, and mopping the floor to remove lingering odors, stains, and residue and make the room appear inviting and fresh. First impressions can be long lasting, so make your kitchen sparkle.

#6 Small Updates Make a Big Impact

If your curtains, blinds, and light fixtures, door/drawer hardware look somewhat dated, consider replacing them with newer versions. These upgrades are easy to do and inexpensive, yet will bring a fresh look to the space. 

Also, keep in mind that everyone prefers a bright kitchen. Perhaps you should consider installing under counter lighting to illuminate dark areas while enhancing the ambiance. Take full advantage of the natural light in your kitchen too, by opening the blinds before your home is photographed or toured. Be sure to thoroughly clean the windows and frames to further brighten up the space, while adding a sense of airiness.

Final Words

Don’t be afraid to incorporate simple touches that will add beauty and a sense of coziness. This can be anything from a small herb plant, fresh cut flowers, or decorative wooden bowls.

Once you’ve finished organizing and decluttering the space, schedule an appointment to have professional photographs taken of your home. Reeledge Productions specializes in real estate photography, videos, and virtual tours, all of which will portray your home in the best way possible and help it stand out above the competition.

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