3D Interactive Virtual Tours: Top Selling Tool in Real Estate During COVID-19

vital marketing tool to sell homes –  https://bit.ly/2XF4csI  (example)

For the past several years, Agents have utilized a variety of online marketing tools to attract viewers and cater to the needs of local and long-distance buyers alike. In addition to the traditional static photos, the use of 3D Virtual Tours and Video Tours further enhances the viewer’s experience.  

These Virtual Tours help bring a property listing to life as buyers enjoy a simulated walk-through of potential properties. Now, more than ever, as the coronavirus pandemic has forced everyone into a new way of life, 3D interactive Virtual Tours with floor plans are vital marketing tools for Agents.  

Fortunately, real estate is deemed an essential business, and therefore it hasn’t been as heavily impacted as other businesses. However, the pandemic has caused everyone to act more cautiously and avoid unnecessary contact with others. This mindset will most likely continue for quite some time, which is why realtors should take advantage of the 3D Virtual Tours and interactive floor plans. 

Benefits of 3D Interactive Tours

During this global crisis, Virtual Tours serve as a safe alternative to physical walk-throughs and open houses. Agents can correspond with clients via phone or video conferencing and virtually explore a property together. It is an ideal solution for individuals looking for a home, but hesitant or unable to travel.

In many ways, the digital home tour is better than an in-person tour during this time. It honors the ‘stay at home’ and ‘social distancing’ orders, thus promoting safety for everyone, while allowing realtors to provide top-quality service to clients. 

The professionally produced 3D Interactive Virtual Tours highlight visual details and architectural specifics that may otherwise be missed during a traditional home tour. Buyers can enjoy 360-degree views of the home and explore everything from the external foundation of a home, to the ceiling, textures, basement, plumbing, and wiring, moving along at their own pace, with or without an Agent. Agents no longer need to coordinate showings with sellers, buyers can re-visit parts of the Virtual Tour at their leisure, and the property is always portrayed in tip-top condition. 

A video tour walk-through is also a great tool for showcasing features of the home and is a marketing tool consisting of a predetermined path coordinated by the photographer and Agent, showing highlights of the listing. Bottom line, digital home tours are making it possible for Agents to show and sell homes, regardless of regulations and constraints. And, even after the pandemic has passed, these marketing tools will continue to be a viable resource in real estate.

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